Monday, March 3, 2014


Well. I was going to write a nice blogpost today, but the Creeping Crud is making the rounds of my town, and last night it attacked me. I refuse to go into details; trust me, you don't want to know.

So, I'm just going to list a few random thoughts and let you know what I'm working on at present:

1. I'm reading The Pre-Raphaelite Seamstress by Amita Murray. It's a rousing book filled with color and detail, including romance and a murder mystery. Expect a review soon. 

2. There's more snow on the ground, but I've got pasta ready to go for tonight. At least I will do if the people who are going to instal our new kitchen counters show up, what with the snow and all. Right now we have no counters: none. You can walk into my kitchen and look right into the drawers. Great.

3. How about those Oscars? I wasn't a Jennifer Lawrence fan, but she's so real and funny she turned me into a fan. Her tripping on her gown seems to be an annual event now. 

4. Movies I really must watch now: Nebraska, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity. MUST see them.

5. My kid is home from school for the 7th time this year. Wow, just wow.

6. I'm working on a writing project that's so close to being done I can almost taste it. And I'll finish it, too, as soon as MY KID RETURNS TO SCHOOL. Writing with a child is interesting... Picture writing a kissing scene. You're really into it, describing the couple and their conflicted angst and then..."Mommy I need more toilet paper!" What a buzzkill.

7. No, I've decided - we're ordering pizza for dinner. I refuse to cook without counters.

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Johanna Garth said...

Feel better soon. I'm convinced that THIS will be the last big storm...hopefully, fingers crossed, salt over my shoulder!