Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Children of the Elementi

I really love this book by Ceri Clark, but it was unavailable for a while. And now it's back - hurray!

And here is the cover in all its glory.

Blurb: From the ashes of an ancient empire, five must save the future. 
Jake: Last in line to the Elementi High King throne, sent through time and space to be brought up in an alien world, he has no knowledge of his past. 
Mirim: As the caretaker of the mysterious Citadel which hosts the dying crystal mind of the Matrix, her air power is the only link to the old world. 
Kiera: A Romani foundling with growing powers over nature, she is searching for a better life away from her criminal past. 
They must find the other two heirs and reunite all their elemental powers over earth, air, fire, and water together with the Matrix to defeat the Empire that conquered their parents. 
With a fire demon on his trail, can Jake bring together the last of the Elementi in time?

You can buy the book in paperback or Kindle edition.

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