Friday, August 9, 2013

Pulp Fiction

First, a sincere apology for my long hiatus. It's summer; I have more kids than usual running around my desk.

During our vacation, my sister bought us a card game based on  
the Doc Savage stories of old. Never heard of Doc Savage? Allow me to enlighten you. 

He's Savage, and he's a Doctor. He goes on massive adventures, and never fear, gentle reader - at some point his shirt will get torn off:

I could use both hands to saw off its tentacle but then you wouldn't be able to admire the guns

And this started my love affair with old pulp magazines. Why do I love them so? Because anything - anything - can happen in them. 

Women will embrace large feathers, for no reason:

Just sign on the dotted line

 At any given moment a large green head might come along:

Barbie Doll THIS, pal

Science is always  creepy:

So are scientists:
Noooo... my new scientist-ish coat...

Ride in a  SUV? Not when there are tigers to be had my friend:

Some women are bad ass:
Oh no you didn't just try to borrow my hair clip Froggie

And others wind up in a large green hand:

Did I mention anything can happen?

Wouldn't have happened if you had bought the hand sanitizer at Costco like I told you, Vance.
Love pulp. Love, love, love it.

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