Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wishes and Cake

Somehow it's my birthday again, so I'm planning a few festivities:

1. Numero Uno, the purchase and consumption of sushi for dinner, along with frosty beverages, next to my husband on the couch. It's a tradition of sorts.

2. Some private writing time - a luxury for me. My friend is having my kid over to her house, so I get to plot and pants my way through the day.

3. Also going to treat myself to a workout, which sounds like a bummer except - hang on just a minute - at my age, menopause delivers sleepless nights. If I work out, I sleep. It's as simple as that. So, workout and sleep for me! Woo hoo - living the life!

4. A few minutes, meaning an hour or two, dedicated to reading my new drug of choice: Wattpad. I wrote about some cool writers I've found there before, and I've discovered others as well. Expect an update soon.

5. Another new obsession: fanfiction. There are scores of people around the globe creating content to celebrate their favorite movies and characters, and guess what? Some of them can really write well. It's fluffy and fun - perfect for a birthday.

6. It's my birthday, and I'll go to the library if I want to. And I want to.

7. In that vein, I might just troll through Amazon world, because why not? Any good bookk recommendations?

8. And because I'm a book slut, I'm going to hit the book store too. There, I said. Three book stops in one day. Alas, I only have the supermarket-ish, huge chain version of a bookstore, not the local shop with a large black cat in the window, but it will have to do.

9. And, since I'm on a diet and can't eat cake, I'm going to torture myself with food porn:


karastewart said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! But you do know that cake (or any calories) consumed on birthdays don't actually count, right? It's the birthday-calorie rule. ;)

Ceri Clark said...

Try the Rithmatist. I think that book would be just up your street. :)

Ceri Clark said...

Try the Rithmatist. I think that book would be just up your street. :)

Connie J Jasperson said...

And here is your birthday hug from the Pacific Northwest! Happy birthday my dear, dear friend!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a frabjous day! I wonder if you got it all in...
Hope so!
~Just Jill