Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frivolous Wednesday: In the Mall

I've been working on several edits (including one of my own book) as well as writing the fourth book in my series. Plus I'm reading Quicksilver, a heavy book by Neal Stephenson. So, today I'm going with frivolous stuff. I'm going to pretend I'm shopping with you all, my readers, IN THE MALL. Let's go and buy all the stuff our collective conscience (or my husband) would tell us not to in real life:

1. Shoes: I like these suckers. 
Hello Kitty + Doc Martens = AMAZING

2. This book: Frivolous! Girly! SO buying it.

3. Top: Probably would never, ever wear it, but maybe I can hang it up as art.

4. Ditto with these pajamas:
I just wouldn't stand there like that when I get my pair.

5. Getting thirsty? Time for a big old smoothie. With extra caffeine and whipped cream.

6. I'm having a bag of candy on the side, because virtual stuff has no calories. Yay, virtual stuff!
They don't carry these at my mall, but I want them. Do I know what they taste like? No. No, I don't.

7. Maybe I'll pick up a toy for my kid while I'm at it:
What do these do??? Nothing? SWEET

8. And this dress:

9. And another book.

10. One last thing. What should it be? Clothes? More shoes? Yes, I think more shoes. File these in the "never wear but could use as art" category.
Louboutin, darling.

Hurray! That was fun. Kiss, kiss!


Kathleen Barker said...

Sometimes we just need to pull our heads out of the books and keep the economy going! At least that's my excuse for shopping :)

Johanna Garth said...

You know I would wear that last pair of shoes, don't you! And wear them and wear them and wear them!

Thanks for picking up LB at the virtual mall ;)