Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog on Fire Award #2

My sincere thanks to Johanna Garth for awarding me the Blog on Fire award! You can read her entertaining columns here, at Losing Sanity.

(BTW, Johanna is also the author of the book Losing Beauty, an updated version of the Persephone myth. Now tell me you don't want to follow someone who riffed in such a cool way on their book title.)

Like Johanna, I am the worst at accepting blog awards. But I liked these fun questions that came with the Blog on Fire award, and besides, after a week of editing and writing I had squat for blog inspiration, so I'm so totally cribbing 

1)  Are you a rutabaga? Since I'm always backwards, I'm actually an "agabatur."

2) Who is your current crush? If you've read my blogs at all, you'll know it is Rupert Grint of Ron Weasely fame. It's been Rupert for a long time now, and I don't see it changing any time soon.

3)  Upload a heartwarming picture that makes you smile.  

So, following the train of thought in Question #2:

4) When was the last time you ate a vine-ripened tomato?  For lunch, with Kirby cucumbers, from my local farm stand. Juliet tomatoes, too. With olive oil. And mozzarella. Score!

5) Name one habit that causes other people to plot your demise.  When I start reading a book, you can yell right in my ear and I won't hear you. 

6) What is the weirdest, most disgusting job you've ever had to do? Having to clean out the fryers at McDonalds. That's right - I worked for that clown.   

7) Where da muffin top at?  I must assume it's with the donut hole and the bear claw, and since I'm on a diet, I don't know where that is or I would gulp them all down. With coffee coolattas.

8)What author introduced you to your genre?  My genre is steampunk. H.G. Wells is the Man.

9)  Describe yourself using obscure Latin words.  Doofus? That's Latin, right?

And I hereby pass the Blog on Fire along to my fellow Fantasy Island Book Publishing author, Lisa Zhang Wharton. You can read her here:

Lisa Zhang Wharton:

Lisa, it's now up to you to answer these fun questions!


Hart Johnson said...

Ha! Great answers! I loves me some gingers myself (I picked Bill Weasley--not the movie Bill, who wasn't bad, but I wanted taller... erm... and brown eyed... I like my gingers brown-eyed... the book I am currently editing has one... And you know what he does for a living... He's a brewer... mmmmm. Beer.

karastewart said...

You are too funny. But number 3 - the photo? That is just wrong. Juuust wrong. That's not really him, is it? I always think of him from a 'mothering' perspective. Photo is juuust wrooonngggg! :)

Alison DeLuca said...

I'm afraid I don't look at Rupert with a "mothering"perspective; no, I do not. It's my inappropriate crush, ok?????? And I don't know where that photo came from.... certainly not the movie. I would have noticed and blushed myself into the future.

Long live the gingers!