Monday, April 4, 2011

The Vent Post

We all need a vent once in a while. Feel free to add yours in the comments section; you can be assured of my sympathy and fellowship.

Last Monday night we got back from skiing. On Tuesday we went to a funeral; since my in-laws are  Italian, it was  an all-day affair.

Wednesday I got to go and stand in line in the DMV to get my license renewed. So, that was a blast.

On Thursday I finally had some time to catch up with my sequel to The Night Watchman that I'm writing, as well as copious emails and reviews and edits that I had to do. In the middle of all that, I got a call from a hospice nurse that my mother, who has Alzheimer's, was in a very bad way, and I should "prepare myself for the worst."

It's hard to work after hearing that; later my sister went to visit mom at the assisted living place where she lives. Mom was FINE.

On Friday my mom's house sold --- maybe??? Don't know; I'm still waiting for a call from the real estate agent. That whole thing required loads of faxing and emailing.

Over the weekend, I went to see mom, took my daughter to Girlscout Camp for sign up as well as a birthday party, and snuck off to Target to buy a gift for that birthday party. Because, I had forgotten all about the birthday until a friend called my to carpool. 

What am I forgetting? Right - laundry, cleaning, cooking, and raising a six year old. Well, today I get to relax, at least - in the dentist's chair, getting a crown.

PS - My ski bag is still packed, sitting where I dumped it a week ago.


west_2552 said...

Oh, Alison!! Forget the ski bag for now-- you can take care of that in May. Or June. My cruise suitcase is still in the midst of unpacking, so don't you fret! I don't know what the license renewal is in NJ, but in PA it's still once every four years. Make any lasting friendships at the DMV??!! Well, at least you got a little work done on Thurs. before the phone call. Obviously a drama queen made the call. Don't you just love drama queens?? (vent, vent...) And, boy, I hope your mom's house sold. That'll be one less thing that the you, a bonified member of the "sandwich generation" will have to worry about. I don't miss birthday parties-- sorry!! By "miss", I don't mean "forget", I mean that I'm glad that stage of my life is over. I drove past the "Roller Roost" on Saturday and reminisced-- no, that's not the word I'm looking for. Cringed?? Anyway, had to take both kids to many, many birthday parties there. And I think I actually got on skates at one of those parties! How foolish was that?? Didn't leave there with any broken bones, anyway! Oh, how long is girl scout camp?? Is it overnight?? Wouldn't that be nice??!! Enjoy your time in the dentist chair! That crown should go on your head, not your tooth!!

LW said...

Well, certainly a week that could make a person feel harried. I hope this week acts more like it ought to, and that there's at least a bit more "you time" available. Never mind all that housecleaning stuff - it's overrated.Oops, wait, I guess you have to maintain certain levels of decent behavior since you have a young person there to set an example for. Well, console yourself that she actually probably cares more about the skiing and the birthday party than a clean house!

LW said...

PS I'm very glad to hear that your Mom was actually ok, and that the house buying deal is still looking like going through. Those are 2 major things!

Catherine Stine said...

Wow, quite a slew of events.
Ok, venting time? My mac air crashed and I spent the day taking it to the repair place--Needs a new hard-drive. Thankfully I have an old laptop to cover for a few days. Ack!

Alison DeLuca said...

OH NO! Did you lose anything, Catherine? Crossing fingers and toes you get all your files back....

And I was eying up that Mac Air too....