Monday, February 28, 2011

Waiting for Kindle

I sent my daughter off to school. Now I'm waiting to post my book on Amazon. did a great job with my cover, which you can see at

Of course, I still have to go and clean the house, grab a shower, figure out what's for dinner, etc. But, I'll be back to check my manuscript, and to continue writing my next book!


west_2552 said...

The toughest one on your list-- what to make for dinner!! I'm trying to break out of the mold that many of us are in. We have a few things that we make, and we make them all the time. Maybe the old WC gang can get together occasionally on the FB message board and post an easy but good recipe or idea. Last night I pan-fried (olive oil) a couple of boneless pork ribs (large and meaty) and put a bit of Hickory flavored liquid smoke on them. Then par-cooked (microwave) and halved some little red potatoes and fried them in peanut oil (cut side first, then flipped them). Then I had some authentic caesar salad dressing that I made this past weekend (great recipe!!) and some parm cheese that I had previously grated. Cut up a romaine head and tossed all and added croutons!! Tim commented! Always a bonus!! Sorry, did not mean to turn this into a cooking comment, but I think a lot of us are at that crossroad where we're stuck in a rut of "what to make for supper". Are you??

Alison DeLuca said...

I am always in that rut! Hey, any chance you could post that Caesar dressing recipe?!

I made salmon, which I marinated in fresh lemon, Dijon, dill, salt and pepper. I served that with some raviolis in olive oil with carmelized onion. Joe sucked those down; oh yes he did.