Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Most Overrated Book

I mentioned Melville in passing yesterday, but I believe Moby Dick is the most overrated book in history. As with most books, you either get Moby or you don't, and I don't. For me, the writing is maudlin, sentimental, tawdry hogwash; give me Hemingway instead. The theme was portrayed perfectly in Miles Cowperthwaite: I Am Nailed to the Hull:

Men, men, men, men, Manly men...

As for Indie books - well, I'm not going to select one. Perhaps all books are overrated, in a way, on bookseller sites. I would love to see the end of the five star system and a more complex rating machine ;  one that asks for specific examples of good writing and plot analysis. But, perhaps that is my inner grumpy English teacher speaking.


Lola R said...

I usually think that writing a good review is more important than a rating, because indeed the 5 star rating system is pretty limited.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, I like Moby Dick. And I DON'T like Hemingway. That man has no sense of humor AT ALL. The one who really bugs me, though, is Falkner.

The five star system is indeed problematic. I tend to give a lot of 4s. I only give 5s to really GREAT stuff, and 3s to stuff with problems but also redeeming qualities, and I just plain don't rate books that I'd give lower than that.