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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Most Overrated Book

I mentioned Melville in passing yesterday, but I believe Moby Dick is the most overrated book in history. As with most books, you either get Moby or you don't, and I don't. For me, the writing is maudlin, sentimental, tawdry hogwash; give me Hemingway instead. The theme was portrayed perfectly in Miles Cowperthwaite: I Am Nailed to the Hull:

Men, men, men, men, Manly men...

As for Indie books - well, I'm not going to select one. Perhaps all books are overrated, in a way, on bookseller sites. I would love to see the end of the five star system and a more complex rating machine ;  one that asks for specific examples of good writing and plot analysis. But, perhaps that is my inner grumpy English teacher speaking.


Lola R said...

I usually think that writing a good review is more important than a rating, because indeed the 5 star rating system is pretty limited.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, I like Moby Dick. And I DON'T like Hemingway. That man has no sense of humor AT ALL. The one who really bugs me, though, is Falkner.

The five star system is indeed problematic. I tend to give a lot of 4s. I only give 5s to really GREAT stuff, and 3s to stuff with problems but also redeeming qualities, and I just plain don't rate books that I'd give lower than that.

Anonymous said...

Finally -- someone ELSE who found Moby Dick on the wanting side. In my opinion, is overwrought, overwritten, bloated like a beached whale. I know that most writers of Melville's day were "maximalists" but I think to be truly great, artists need to challenge the accepted conventions of the day. Melville may have challenged conventions of the time in his content, but the writing style is entirely a product of its day.